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Helping businesses design their dream office using
a scalable open platform

3CDN enables workplace technology in a truly open environment, connecting diverse devices and systems to continuously reinvent through effective platforms running on open API, open distribution model, and open protocol support that helps businesses increase employee engagement, enhance user experience, better manage risk while driving down the administration, time, and enforcement costs. In addition to these, the platform also enables users and admins to connect and control devices, while normalizing, visualizing and analysing data from anywhere on any device. In a nutshell, the open platform we offer widens Integration Capabilities, Data Collection and Interoperability.

What We Offer

Tenant Experience

Attract prospects using modern designs and excellent user experience.

It is imperative that the developers, landlords, and builders today have to keep their spaces modern, ergonomic and technology-enabled. Workplaces today demand more and should emphasize both on amenities in the building and the surrounding neighbourhood while prioritizing community, content, commerce, and control.

3CDN helps developers and building owners in leveraging our experience, latest technologies and expertise in enabling technology to foster both productivity and collaboration.

Our Offerings

Enabling businesses with top-notch solutions to drive best-in-class tenant
experiences using the PlaceOS platform.

Enable meeting room bookings and appointments to easily manage clients/tenants demands.

Room Control

Manage lighting, acoustics, display unit, and accessories through centralized control systems and apps.

Space Finding

Enable space finding feature in workplaces to provide real-time utilization data and booking for tenants.

People Finding

Enable networking for tenants and residents to foster better engagement and collaboration in the workplace.

Preference Driven Automation

Automate workflow/engagement as per design and tenant preferences to enable a better user experience.

Physical Access

Access workspace on-demand and reserve meeting rooms, common areas as needed through the platform

Operational Technology

Bringing a new perspective to deliver intelligent buildings and smart systems within the workplace

With the advent of the internet and connected technologies (IoT), the world today has transformed digitally in all areas of our lives including workplaces, building management, construction, and daily devices. Today, IoT devices are used to manage different aspects of smart buildings including the range of power, HVAC, life safety systems, etc.

3CDN helps in integrating your IT and OT systems to work in harmony and achieve truly intelligent solutions for your buildings.

Our Offerings

Enabling businesses with top-notch solutions to drive best-in-class employee
experiences across your office space
Space Management

Optimize space occupancy, resources and equipment usage with smart workplace solutions.

Request Management

Enable easy communication between users and workplace administrators to provide faster resolution for requests.

Analytics and Insights

Get usage analytics and insights to improve user experience and optimize space utilization from dashboard.

Visitor Management

Complete visitor management system - from sign in to notifications, all integrated in a single platform.


Achieve unmatchable excellence in delivering tenant experience working with 3CDN

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