Delivering Bespoke Workplace Technology Solutions Over A Decade

Driving The Technology Edge In Your Workplace

At 3CDN, we foster a community of agile and enthusiastic individuals with a collective experience of 70+ years in workspace technology management and solution. Our dedicated team of designers, engineers and consultants aim to deliver a competitive edge for our clients through dynamic designs and seamless implementation. Our bespoke services address all your business needs and bring creative ideas into embodied reality. Right from the design to implementation, our in-house experts are committed to creating better, sustainable and collaborative workspaces that exceed your expectations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to restructure the office space design industry and build innovative and agile technology solutions that are not only dynamic in nature but also efficient and personalised according to the clients’ requirement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the workplace industry through quality services and help our clients realise the unlimited possibilities in workplace design by providing competent technical assistance to companies that suffer various infrastructure challenges.

Why work with 3CDN?

1. Experienced Team

3CDN has a dynamic team of designers, engineers and consultants that have over 70 years of collective experience in workplace technology and management.

2. Attention to detail

With a dedicated team for every client, we approach every project differently and give attention to detail in planning, organising and building an efficient workplace from scratch.

3. Satisfaction guaranteed

Providing prompt yet efficient workplace design solutions to companies with complex infrastructural challenges, we deliver complete satisfaction to all our clients.

4. Ergonomic designs

We are committed to creating better, sustainable and collaborative workspaces by proposing innovative solutions and ergonomic designs that suit client requirements.

5. Proven track record

We have delivered over 8 Million sq. ft. of smart spaces for over a decade by drawing a differentiator amongst workplace limitations and technologies through creativity, curiosity and confidence (The 3Cs).

Management Team

Mradul Sharma
Managing Director

20+ years experience in workplace technology – Audio, Visual, Acoustics, EBC & Program Management.

Edzil Deniz
Managing Consultant

20+ years in management – Techno or Commercial, Business Development, Audio VIsual, ICT.

Our Evolution

Laying the foundations for a cutting-edge workplace technology management enterprise

3C Design Networks (3CDN) was first founded and launched in Mumbai in 2010 by a small group of expert engineers, designers and consultants who laid the foundation for the future of cutting-edge workspace technology systems across India. In 2011, we spearheaded our first large project; a 70,000 sq. ft. corporate office for an IT customer in Noida, UP.

Diving into smart technologies and exploring new horizons.

Expanding over the years with a dedicated team by our side, 3C Design Networks opened their branch office in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore in 2014. We continued exploring new horizons and in 2016 dived into IoT/Smart building and IT infrastructure consulting. With a booming expansion, Mradul Sharma, MD relocated to Bengaluru in 2016 while Mr Edzil Deniz headed the West and North Regions.

Achieving big milestones through rebranding and multinational expansions

Working towards a multinational corporation goal, in 2017 we came on board for a major campus project for a bank in Manila, Philippines, 3C Design Networks’ first large project outside India. 2018 marked the biggest milestone for 3C Design Networks as the company rebranded as 3CDN and subsequently opened its subsidiary in Dubai, ME.

Being recognised for our achievement in workplace technology.

Working towards helping our clients build sustainable and collaborative workspaces for over a decade, 2019 became a pillar of success as we were declared the Winner of SIIA Award for Best AV Design in Government Segment. In 2020, we added a new feather in our cap by taking the award for the Consultant of the Year by INAVATE.