Workplace Consulting

Helping businesses build state-of-the-art workplace experiences
through effective collaboration

3CDN is a pioneer in workplace consulting and management helping businesses in building truly intelligent, modern, and sustainable office spaces. Our team helps in planning and perfecting state-of-the-art workplaces that not only help in managing cost factors, efficiency, and industry-standard ergonomics but also help businesses in providing exceptional experiences for clients, employees and other stakeholders.

Industry Verticals

Enterprise Companies

Helping enterprise companies and organizations to better their client, customer, and employee experience across different locations.


Helping BFSI/NBFC firms foster exceptional customer experience and boost employee productivity through modern office designs.


Help educational institutions deliver better student and client experiences through unique, unforgettable learning spaces and work locations.

Industrial & Hi-Tech

Enable industrial and high-tech organizations to build a seamless experience and ergonomic office design that fosters better productivity.


Help hospitality and travel businesses to build better workplaces and client area designs that foster exceptional experience

Government Bodies

Help government bodies and organizations build modern, sophisticated spaces to implement the latest technologies seamlessly.